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Vincent Nguyen

Vincent Nguyen, HR Placement

My primary reason for seeking an internship placement was to get local experience in my area of study and increase the possibility of landing a job. I received instant support from my Placement Consultant. Performance Careers found me a great internship and I can see how they strive to get placements for their students. I was also offered a full time position with the host company as a HR Consultant! To me, Performance Careers = quality.

Michelle Byrgiotis

Michelle Byrgiotis, HR Placement

I did a placement to gain a competitive advantage before heading into the workforce. There are a lot of applicants out there, so I thought if I had experience in the field I would become a better candidate. While interning at my host company, I learnt so much about HR that I didn’t know about and realised HR is something I want to make a career out of. The internship is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I highly recommend it.

Anastasiya Serova

Anastasiya Serova, Supply Chain/Project Management Placement

After facing difficulties related to job hunting due to a lack of local work experience, I decided to do an internship placement. I have developed my communication and negotiation skills, learnt business process mapping in MS Visio and increased my knowledge about supply chain management. I would definitely recommend an internship program – it has been a great opportunity to gain experience and expand my business network. Moreover, I’m sure the program increases your employability; it has enhanced both my CV and my position in the labour market!

Zion Robinson

Zion Robinson, Project Management Placement

Most jobs now require prior experience. An internship placement sets you up and gives you an opportunity to learn and grow yourself to be a successful asset to a company. It allows for greater industry experience giving you that extra advantage in the ‘job hunting’ market. An internship also offers you the opportunity to meet new contacts which are useful to the industry. I feel without this internship, I would still be lacking the required experience needed to successfully get a full time role. As a result of the internship, I have been offered a position!

Blandine Malapel

Blandine Malapel, Marketing Placement

My placement search was greatly facilitated by my consultant who took care of everything so that my single focus was to be ready to secure an opportunity on the day of the interview. From the very first day of my placement, I was given the chance to learn by being invited to a lot of different meetings. The placement really opened my eyes to the world of experiential marketing. I had studied the subject in theory for a long time but on the field, you need more than just the big idea to make it happen. During this internship I was respected as a responsible professional. I would never have had the opportunity to find my dream internship without the help of Performance Careers.

Abegail Soriano

Abegail Soriano, IT Placement

The real world is different and there’s a lot of adjustment but it is worth it. My host company was very welcoming and treated me with respect. The placement experience equipped me with confidence and a positive attitude towards dealing with difficulties in the workforce. Aside from technical skills, it also enhanced my public relations, customer service and communication skills. Performance Careers believed in me, and fully supported and prepared me to become confident and successful. They worked endlessly to provide me with the best internship placement.

Peikai (Kyle) Wang

Peikai (Kyle) Wang, IT Placement

I have various theoretical knowledge via previous study; during the internship, I not only reorganised this knowledge in my mind, but also acquired new skills in the process of work on valuable real-world commercial products. I learnt Ruby on rails, programming based on MVC models, version control system GitHub and MySQL. Performance Careers has really helped me grow. I would recommend an internship placement program as it is a platform to obtain experience and show your talent.

Ijegbai Amos Iruemi

Ijegbai Amos Iruemi, IT Placement

There is a big difference between what you are taught in a classroom and what you find through working. During my internship placement my supervisor explained how to be successful in the IT industry and gave constructive feedback. It has given me a solid foundation in IT, added to my skills, given me an edge over other graduates and increased my employability. Performance Careers is focussed on making university graduates employable. After my internship and workshop experiences with them, I feel very confident about acing an interview and getting my dream job.

Prabison Chitrakar

Prabison Chitrakar, Accounting Placement

Starting off your career as an intern didn’t seem like a good idea to me at first, but looking back, I think it is one of the best decisions that I have made. I would recommend all students to give it a go and see if that is what you want to be doing in your future. During my internship I was involved in different projects, my mentor was very friendly, every learning curve was interesting, and Performance Careers gave me good career advice. Also, 1.5 months after my internship placement, the company offered me a full time role!

Thuy Linh Le

Thuy Linh Le, Accounting Placement

I undertook an internship placement to gain Australian workplace experience to equip myself and get used to the Australian work culture. Performance Careers was very understanding of my situation and found a quality host company for me. I met very lovely people and my mentor was very nice and understanding. I also received valuable career tips and advice from them which will serve me well in the future. Furthermore, I have very solid local reference from my mentors who acknowledged my hard work and passion.

Melannie Miao

Melannie Miao, Accounting Placement

Performance Careers has given me a bright future and made my life much easier.  At the beginning of my placement, I was nervous and afraid to ask questions. But 6 weeks in, I felt more confident because the teams were extremely supportive. In my studies, you only needed to get 80% for a high distinction, but at work, you must be 100% perfect. I have learnt to be more accurate and have a better view of daily accounting tasks. I now feel confident in this area, and can pick it up very quickly.

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